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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Test Day 2

So let me start off by saying that my mornings normally do not start till about 9:30-10am.
Today I was up at 6:30am :(

Now, I know what you're thinking...this girl is nuts complaining about waking up at 6:00am when she's trying to have a baby.

But here's the thing, my husband does not sleep. He is up literally all night and goes to sleep around 5:00am. Every night. A good night is maybe 2:00-3:00am. So we've agreed that when Baby Rojas comes he will always take over night shifts since he's up anyway.

Moving along....I woke up at 6:30am to shower and get ready etc. As I'm sure most women do, I always like to make sure I'm extra clean before I go to the OB/Gyn / RE .
Got DH up at 7:15am so that he could get ready and we could be out of the house before 8 for our 9:15 appt.
Got to the office about 10 minutes early and the saw us right away. DH went in first for the SA and about a minute later I went in for the U/S.
Imagine how relieved I was that I had taken all the extra time showering this morning when I found out it was a trans vaginal U/S!
Anyway, sonogram went well....I guess. I kinda got to see what was going on, on the monitor but didn't care enough at that moment to ask cause I was way too sleepy. For those of you that have not had an U/S before, the rooms are dark and cold. Perfect sleeping environment! My last internal U/S I dozed off.

DH said the SA was about as exciting as it could be. ::giggle:: He stated that the "material" in the happy room was severely out-dated and the movie selection not so great. I told him to make sure he leaves his thoughts in the suggestion box. :)

We were in and out of there in about 20 minutes. Which is sad since it took us twice as long to get there.

The blood work yesterday went well, Despite having to get poked 3 different times for the glucose tolerance/insulin resistance test. I really thought they would just leave a catheter in and come back and draw blood every hour but that was not the case. Oh well! All for a good cause.

I'm in the process of scheduling my HSG now, should have a set time and date by tomorrow. I'm thinking it will most likely be on Monday.
Not looking forward to it one bit but, DH will be with me so I'm sure that will help.

I'm really hoping that everything comes back ok and that we'll be able to start treatment next cycle!

Till the next time...thanks for reading!

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Carmen said...


I'm very excited and hopeful for your new adventure! I'm very happy you found a specialist you're happy with. I will keep you and DH in my thoughts and prayers. Lots of baby dust your way!

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