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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

HSG = Done! & got DH's SA Results

So we'll start with the HSG.

First of all, I do not recommend this procedure to anyone. It was something I totally could have gone through life not having! I've never been one to have AF symptoms, so for me the cramps were REALLY bad. Thankfully it was all over in about 10 minutes. I really tried to concentrate on the little monitor to keep my mind off the pain. The Dr. that did it was one of the doctor's in my RE's practice and he was wonderful. He flushed out some stuff in my left tube but said I passed and gave my goods a stamp of approval. "Clear tubes and a good looking uterus" I’m still bleeding a little and have some pain but it's bearable and Dr. said it should be gone within 2 days.
Although I'm thankful it was done and we've ruled out any issues regarding my tubes and uterus, I truly hope I never have to have another one.

Now on to the SA results for the most part they were really good. The count and motility were both high with is awesome and the concentration is really good too. ^ 5 Babe!
The only thing that is a little off but not totally terrible is the morphology (shape and size) but that's something that hopefully is fixed fairly easily.
DH is a big smoker so I had a feeling if there were any problems the morph would be it BUT he stopped smoking a week ago and will start taking vitamins tomorrow which will help a lot. The internet says that Vitamin C & E will improve his "little soldiers" overall. I'm very proud of him. He hasn't stopped all together but is getting there. He's gone from smoking a pack in 2 days to about 2-3 cigs a day in a week. I'm very proud of him :)

We go for our follow-up on July 30th and that's when we'll go over all the results and decide on a plan.

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Mirian said...

Great test results!! Way to go Alexis on kicking the habit - I bet he will feel great when he stops smoking completely. Much love!

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