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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Follow-Up Update :)

So today was the follow-up! I honestly felt nauseated the whole way up there. I thought I was going to puke. Since my post testing follow-up with my last Dr. resulted in only let down I was super nervous about this one.

We got to the office and met with the RE immediately. After the warm hello and smiles (love her) her first words were "Got all your test results back and everything looks good!". The only thing that was a little off was my blood sugar (a little high because of the PCOS) but I already knew that from my last doctor. Her only recommendation was that I be mindful of what I eat. She also reminded me that being a "big girl" I should not gain excess weight during my pregnancy. I already knew that. Apparently, I'll only gain about 5-10lbs during pregnancy.

Anyway, her next question was how aggressive we wanted to be. In my case it really wasn't about "want" but more so that our insurance covers certain things and therefore we wanted to make the most out of what would be covered.

So we've decided to go the IUI route. Alexis and I had been talking about it over the last 2 weeks and we had pretty much already come to that conclusion due to his low morph. The doctor said IUI would be good since his count and motility were really good :)
We are starting with a "more simple" version of the IUI as per my Dr.

Here is the schedule:

CD 1 = Call Dr. to schedule CD 2 Ultrasound.
CD 2 = Ultrasound...if all is well (no cysts) I will be given my Clomid, Follistim & Ovidrel.
CD 3 - 7 = 2 50mg tablets of Clomid per day

CD 9 = DH gets to inject me with Follistim (shot goes in my stomach. FUN!)

CD 12 = Go in to check follicle sizes....if I have enough mature follicles that night DH gives me the Ovidrel injected (also in my stomach)

In the event that there were not enough mature follicles, we would go back in another couple of days for another u/s.
I would not take the Ovidrel shot until there were enough mature follies.

After the hCG (Ovidrel) shot I go in for the IUI. We'll be doing them back-to-back.

Dr. says we'll try this for 2-3 cycles and see what happens. In the event that it doesn't work we'll go a different route. The more aggressive route has a much higher chance of multiples so we hope it will work with that.

AF should be coming next week so it's only a matter of waiting now.

We're both excited and nervous and a huge ball of emotion. I'm also relieved that the overall appt. went well. My RE is truly wonderful.


Victoria said...

I'm been waiting for this entry yay! I'm so happy for your positive news. This RE seems like a godsend compared to the last one.

You'll get through all this and be a better momma for it. Your future baby is so lucky you are already sacrificing and getting poked for him/her :)

Carmen said...

=D That is definitely worthy of a "Squee"!!

DWhite said...

Sooooooo worth a SQUEEEEEEEe

I'll continue to keep you in my prayers!!!!!!!!!!!

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