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Thursday, July 9, 2009

HSG Scheduled

and I'm still soooooooooo not looking forward to it :(
It's set for Wednesday. July 15 @11:30am. I'm hoping that we'll get our results from the tests we took this week then too.

Alexis has confessed that he's super nervous about it. Says he doesn't want to see me in pain. Hm. I wonder how HE'LL handle childbirth.

We may have to give him an epidural. ;)
I love him though and it means a lot that he cares that much. <3

I really am lucky that he is willing to go to all the appointments and listen to all the stuff that I'm sure he may not understand half of. I know to some it would expected but I know not all women are lucky enough to have super supportive husbands. I thank god for mine everyday. Especially now.

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Mirian said...

You are both VERY lucky to have one another. You are a dynamic duo and if anybody can handle this, it's you guys. Just think happy thoughts during your tests. :)

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