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Thursday, June 4, 2015

When your cycle start date isn't for another 21 days....

all you do is think.


and obsess some more.

On Monday we had our IVF consult with Dr. W.  She basically went over the process again and let us know that her goal would be to transfer one embie if it made it to day 5. If we only make it to day 3 then it will be 2. I thought I would still need to do the trial transfer but apparently she had the foresight to sneak it in during my SAS in April (before she decided to do IVF) so that's taken care of.
As of right now, my last day of BCP's is on June 19th. I go in or my baseline bloodwork & ultrasound on June 24th and start stims 4 days later on June 28th. Stims will last 10-12 days or so, once I have enough follies I do the trigger and retrieval is 36 hours later.

So for now. We wait.

On a side note:
Taking BCP has been fun. I think I read somewhere they call it Reclipsen Rage. Yeah, I definitely have that. Not every day, thank God (or at least my husband does) but it's similar to how I used to feel on Clomid.

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