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Monday, September 23, 2013

IUIs 5 & 6 = Check!

Let's start with some positives.... This month I responded really well to meds. Hooray! It hasn't been this quick or good since my cycle with J ::fingers crossed:: I'm not sure if my change in diet had anything to do with it but I'm thankful. Prior to this cycle I was not ready for trigger until CD 17-18. this month on CD12 I had one 17.6 follie and my e2 was 357. I was pretty excited. The following day that follie was 21 and my e2 was 446 (I also had a 16 follie that may or may not have gotten anywhere by Friday)so I did my trigger Thursday night. First IUI was Friday morning and the next was Saturday. Now for the Debbie Downer crap... DH's counts on Day 1 weren't great. I'm not sure why his #'s fluctuate SO much. Last IUI they were over 40 million on Day 1 and almost 20 million on Day 2. This month they were 11 million on Day 1 and 15 million on Day 2. My biggest annoyance was my nurse on Day 2. Usually after the second one the nurse always makes sure to instruct me to come in 7dpiui for my p4 test an then if no AF @ 14dpiui for the beta. Saturday before the nurse started I reminded to ask her to please call in the Crinone rx to my ins. She asked if I've taken it before and I said yes, they put me on it at 7dpiui when I did the IUI that gave me J 4 years ago and I was on it after that for both IUI's this year. She tells that she would check and let me know. She does the IUI which was terrible because she clearly did not read my file to see it needs to be done a certain way since my cervix is weird. It took her forever and it was rather painful. Not to mention the 3-4 times she caught my skin when tightening the speculum screws. When she finished, she went to go find out about the Crinone. She comes back and tells me that I don't need it now and that "if you WANT you can make an appointment for about 7 days from now and we can check it for you" and that "if we need to we'll call it in then" i told her I don't understand cause they've always checked my progesterone at 7dpiui it's never been an option so she says "we'll they haven't checked it since April so it obviously wasn't a concern" I said that's cause my last IUI was in April?? She finally asks me if my insurance covers the blood work, I said of course yes and she replied then fine just to make the appt. WTF? I'm so frustrated. There were no other nurses there since they were about to close and I feel like this lady had no idea wtf she was talking about and a part of me is wondering if she even did the IUI right. The answering service wouldn't put my message thru since it wasn't a medical emergency so I need to call tomorrow. Anyway, that's where we're at. I have been shopping
and I've subscribed to every other "what to eat after IUI" suggestion I could find online. Drinking tons of water and trying my best to relax. Not the easiest thing to do with a 3 year old in the house but my husband has been pretty awesome. Don't tell him I told you ;) I'll take a home test around 10.2 - 10.3 and my beta so long as AF doesn't arrived would be on the 4th. So we'll see. I'm praying hard but as usual I really try not to feel one way or another about it so I'm not disappointed. I think after this we're doing a full injectables cycle and if that doesn't work do IVF before the end of the year.

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