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Monday, September 30, 2013

10dpiui.....2 days till testing

10 & 9dpiui and I'm almost positive I'm going to drive myself crazy googling symptoms.
You'd swear I'd never been pregnant before. 

If I decide to be "Positive Peggy" (vs. the Debbie Downer DH says I am 98% of the time) then I swear I would say I'm pregnant.
Ugh. It makes me nervous to even right that out.
Ever since the ovulation pain of the century the day of my first IUI,  I've had little things here and there that feel slightly familiar. 
I've had light cramping for the last 5 days or so along with a lot of pulling and pain on the sides near my ovaries. Add to that some lower back pain, random flutters/vibrations in the area of my uterus and other weird sharp pains here and there all in that area. I have a glimmer of hope.
It's possible.
I only remember having these feelings one other time. 

I could blame this all on the Crinone except I'm not taking any this month.

Coming back to reality, I know there is that other 75% chance that it didn't work.
I'm trying very hard to come to terms with that before I test on Wednesday morning. I'm hoping I can be okay with another BFN....well as okay as can be expected I suppose.
I'm trying to focus on the positive and that is that we have a plan for our next cycle (all injectables) and then the possibility of doing IVF depending on what the financial counselors at the RE's office say.

SO! we'll see what happens on Friday.

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