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Friday, August 14, 2009

IUI #1 = Cancelled :(

I should have already known what the outcome of today's u/s was going to be when I woke up in pain this morning from my right ovary. I should have been more prepared by the time I got to the RE's office and sitting was uncomfortable. Finally, I should have definitely known when the tech walked in to the u/s room with the Fertility Meds book and never gave it to me after the u/s.

But when we sat down with the meds nurse that was going to give me my prescription and go over everything with me, I was hopeful.
Right before she was about to go over everything she went out to see the tech and came back and said the cycle had to be cancelled because of a "really large cyst on my right ovary".
To add insult to injury she mentioned how the Clomid would have been free this month & Follistim was going to be free because of some special where they give you a 300iu vial for your first time. She did promise to try to save it for me and run it by my doc to see if I could still get it for next month. She recommended calling my RE's nurse to see if they could put me on BCP this month to help the cause.

So basically, today sucks.

I was really trying to be positive yesterday and coming in to today. It's rough coming off that high of positive thoughts.

Oh well, put on a brave face and wait for next month.


MrsWood said...

i'm so sorry your cycle was cancelled. are they going to put you on BCPs to shrink the cyst? i just started AF and am waiting for the RE to get back from OOT so i can catch a script for BCPs. just waiting for my HSG now. so, when do you think you'll be recycling? i'm "off-duty" until mid-september.

Alexis & Justine said...

Yup I'm on BCP's as of yesterday!
I'm hoping it works.

I'll be back to the RE on my next CD 2 for another u/s

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