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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Sucking it up for Transfer Day!

Dr. S told me I could be mad, sad and feel how ever I wanted yesterday but today I was to get back on the positivity wagon. 
So that's what I'm doing. 
I'm putting my faith in to these embabies and praying they decide to stick around. It was my whole idea all along that early transfers were the way to go for me so I'm hoping that my theory is correct. 

Since it's a weekday my little guy is at school, we dropped him off and then headed north to the Margate office where all the retrieval and transfers happen. 
I decided last night that I would make myself a shirt for transfer. I had wanted to do it all along and almost didn't because I felt so down about only having these 2 embryos. 
So I decided to suck it up and not treat them any different. 

After transfer I got some McDonald's fries, ran a quick errand then picked up my boy. 
Tonight H is making me a yummy dinner and we'll spend the rest of the time relaxing. 

 Valium & Duck Face!

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