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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Let's get this party started!

Or so said my RE tonight when I told her I started spotting and CD 1 would most likely be tomorrow. But first, let's back that ass up and let me tell you about yesterday's consult.

Thanks to the support group I started, I've been friendly with Dr. S for a while now and absolutely adored her as a person. She's young, ambitious, brilliant and I hope if I ever have a daughter, she grows up to be just like her.

Anyway, yesterday, I totally fell in love with her as a Dr.

This was my longest consult ever.

Words can’t even begin to describe how grateful I am to her for being so through. Us IVF chicks are nuts, I feel like you can never give us "too much" information. PSA: to all REI's it's better if you just tell us all the things. Otherwise, we're just gonna google the hell outta that shit and well, we all know how that goes.

She basically started from scratch and asked me all the "new patient questions" then she asked me for my questions. I had told her in advance I had "a list".

We went over them all.

She took all my thoughts, apprehensions and concerns in to consideration and I felt like I had a say in things.

Since SART says my % of a live birth is 71% after 3 cycles and I've already done 4, she wanted to change things up.

So the plan is as followed:

-Repeat all bloodwork for me and DH
-Repeat HSG + SIS
- on CD 21 start Lupron
- once on Lupron have Endo Scratch (this was one of my questions and I was glad to hear she was on board with it)
- wait for AF
- baseline appt.
- start stims on the max dose 3+3 (225iu Menopur + 225iu of Gonal F)
- retrieval
- transfer
- get pregnant
- have a baby

Also in that list was to lose about 13lbs before stims. I've already lost 25 pounds since my last FET in October. If I make it to my goal weight, which coincidentally is what she was hoping for also, I will weigh almost 40 lbs less than I did then.

13lbs to go!

Tomorrow I will call to schedule my next few appts.
Blood work is scheduled for the 8th (me) and 10th (DH)

So here we go!

She made me promise to go in to this positive and thinking it will work.

She says she feels good about our plan and I do too.

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