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Saturday, May 7, 2016

In my feelings.....

The worst part about infertility treatments is the obvious....nothing is guaranteed.

You go thru all the emotions, appointments, shots, creams, medications, blood draws, ultrasounds and money, all for the hope that it will work.

It's not fair.

I'm 8 days in to stims right now. I haven't really shared any part of my journey this time around just because I'm scared. I'm not entirely optimistic. I'm not necessarily negative, just trying to stay neutral. I'm hoping that if I pretend that I don't really care it might make the great possibility of let down not hurt so much.

I'm responding almost exactly like I did previously.

I'm hoping that tomorrow's appointment will shows a big jump in e2 because right now it's pretty low.

I want this to work so very badly.

I know all women going thru this do.

I tired of all the failures. I'm praying that 3rd time is the charm.

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