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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Lupron Day 1...

Good Morning!

Well today is my first day of Lupron.
I now I said I would write when I got a calendar but clearly I suck because here I am a week later.
Let me catch you up.
AF showed up 7.24
7.27 I went in for Baseline.
Everything was good.
I asked how we could schedule this so that my Dr. could be the one to do the transfer and they were able to work it out. Amen!
Started BCPs that night.
Lupron starts today 8.2
My last BCP is on 8.9
My next lab & u/s is 8/14
Pre-Op is 8.28
and as long as everything is good. my transfer is 9.2

I still haven't discussed with my doctor our desire to transfer 2. Still really hoping she'll agree.

So that's that.

Today is Sunday and I'm hoping there will be a decent amount of relaxing involved in today's activites!

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